Landscape Design Services

The design process starts with a no cost, no obligation consultation. There we will discuss how you want to use your outdoor space and what the opportunities and challenges will be to make it it happen. The client is very involved with the design, meeting at least twice before being presented with a final design. After we create a plot plan (base map) to work from, the first stage of the design is on a conceptual level. There we will determine how the outdoor spaces will flow together- the size and shapes of your patios, pathways, lawns, planting beds and structures. When measuring the site for the plot plan, we shoot grades to determine if retaining walls and steps will be necessary, and if so, how many and at what height. We will determine if local zoning ordinances will constrict the placement of a pool or pergola. Upon completion of the conceptual design (or designs), we then we meet with you and discuss the design. Once that meeting takes place, we make whatever changes desired to the concept and push forth with the planting ideas. Once those ideas are down on paper, we meet again to walk you through the planting, and your input helps give you the gardens that you are dreaming of. After the second meeting, we should have come to enough conclusions to complete a final design.