Garden Care

Landscape Maintenance and Enhancements

We are open to whatever level of maintenance your property needs and you desire. Lawns need weekly care during the warm season- there’s no way to get away from that. But landscapes without lawns can look great with less frequent maintenance visits, and many of the landscapes we take care of we do do so biweekly. However, many low maintenance landscapes can still shine when cared for monthly, quarterly or yearly, albeit often with some help from the homeowner in between our visits. We call these less frequent visits “enhancements,” and they can often involve refreshing of the landscape beyond routine maintenance. An enhancement can involve large scale pruning, plugging fresh plants into holes in the garden, twice a year planting of annual color, refreshing gravel or decomposed granite pathways and patios, preparing vegetable gardens for the growing season, an in-depth irrigation check, water feature care, or other tasks to keep your landscape looking its best.